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Ya know, all things being equal, this here page sucks. Someday, someday a long time from now I will do something about it. I don't even deserve to have a web page. If you're really bored, I guess you could look at my journal while you wait for this site to improve.

Hey! If you're in the Seattle area and are looking for a little local freedom (as in speech), check out Seattle Wireless. You can also check (the lack of) progress on my NodeAddnorya.

Links to various friends (only one of them manages to have a web site remotely more sohpisticated than this dump you're looking at)

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Cats are the living embodiment of higher power in our lives... they deign to live with us because they know WE feel better about it.

If there is information you are looking for on this personal web page, please consult the owner at the address below. And remember, the sum of the universe is zero. Thank you.

My public keys (for PGP and GnuPG) are available here.

Andrew Barak Sweger
Ten regews ta Werdna (reverse the string, figure out where to put the dot)